Certificate in Leading Online Collaboration

“Creating Leaders of an Inter-Dependent World”

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A 100 % online leadership development program, that is personal and interactive

Global Scandinavian Leadership (GSL) is a course which will increase your ability to lead, work and network online. In particular, GSL will give you stronger skills to lead teams of people coming together online from all over the world.

We call it ‘Scandinavian’ because we will dig into the Scandinavian leadership culture to explore whether this can be inspirational to Asian and global leadership cultures.

During a 7-week period you will collaborate and learn online every Tuesday evening for 2 hours together with other leaders from around the globe. During the online sessions you will also meet experts and speakers who will share their learnings and thoughts on GSL. All sessions will be led and moderated by IME.


For further information, call Lars Hoffmann NOW +45 7015 5055

Why you should attend

Work is changing and hence leadership must change too! Because of new disruptive technologies, increased competition, lower barriers to entry in existing industries and other external factors work is changing fast. No longer are the days where industries and work were stable and foreseeable. Today, what worked yesterday is not valid tomorrow. In order to lead organisations and people, who must themselves be extremely adaptable, collaborative and self-leading, management must change too.

The Scandinavian approach to leadership might have the answer to this new management challenge. Scandinavian leadership is very much anchored in traits like ‘trust’, ‘openness’, ‘inclusion’ and ‘equality. Traits which seem to fit well with this new collaborative scenario.

It is exactly these characteristics we will train in GSL – and how they can be implemented in other business and management cultures for better performance and business results.


Who should attend

This program is for managers who are:

  • Working in Asia or in Europe
  • Having staff reporting to you. You work across borders.
  • Torn between daily operations and strategy execution
  • Working globally and/or leading virtual teams
  • Part of an international management team
    In an environment characterized by little or no time to learn new digital leadership skills

And most importantly: You are looking for new leadership tools and will take an active role in the GSL discussions online.


Because the world of business is becoming more global organisations and managers must increasingly rely on online tools to lead and get people together in teams. This is why GSL is happening exclusively online. By using new online tools we not only train you in GSL, but also in getting familiar with state-of-the art IT-solutions. GSL is a fully collaborative program, not a course spent watching lectures.

In particular, we will use:

  • Video conferencing with breakout rooms.
  • Interactive whiteboards.
  • Chat for threaded discussions and file search and sharing.
  • Co-authoring and commenting documents and files simultaneously.
  • Commenting and discussing content inside video.

We will not be using e-mail.

Facilitator and trainer

Lars Hoffmann

is a danish business psychologist, learning designer and senior management consultant at IME and Henley Business School, Denmark. Lars combines both empathy and human insight with a flair for design, technology and games. He’s developed numerous dialogue tools, simulations and programs for leadership development and large scale organizational change interventions. He has worked extensively with senior management team development using active learning. Lars himself leads an online team developing software for facilitating difficult conversations.

Guest experts


Annelie Nässen

Annelie Nässen is Director of Global Sales at SAS, a company with global reach being the largest airline in Scandinavia. Executive leadership is not easy in an industry as competitive as the travel industry – an industry that was among the first to be hit by Internet innovations in transparency and pricing. Annelie was elected Manager of the Year by the industry in 2016. She brings 30 years of international experience with scandinavian leadership to our program.


Gert Sylvest

Gert Sylvest is CTO and co-founder of Tradeshift, a global cloud-based business platform connecting buyers and suppliers. Tradeshift is a highly awarded Danish startup that has scaled to a global reach with offices in Europe, US, Japan and China. Co-founder Gert brings experience with leading a global Scandinavian company on the front line of digital innovation and disruptive collaborative approach to procurement and finance.


Kenneth Mikkelsen

Kenneth Mikkelsen is a writer, speaker, leadership adviser and learning designer. Kenneth works with some of the leading organisations in the world to help their leaders rethink, redefine and reshape their organisations and better prepare themselves for emerging futures. He is the co-author of The Neo-Generalist, which explores the value of multidisciplinarity, of living in more than one world. Kenneth can be found on Twitter as @LeadershipABC.


Pernille Hippe Brun

Pernille Hippe Brun is a management consultant and executive coach. She lives and works both in Copenhagen and San Francisco and advises organizations and leaders globally. Pernille has designed MBA-programs on three continents. She is a pioneer in strength-based leadership and is co-author of the bestselling Handbook of Strengths Based Leadership together with management guru David Cooperrider.


Chris Shern

Chris Shern is Managing Director at IME – International Management Education, a Scandinavian non-profit foundation dedicated to empowering the curious through education and courses. After years working as an “intra-preneur” in a corporate environment, Chris has taken his unique business, and people skills in an entrepreneurial direction towards supporting business executives and companies to succeed in a globalized world.


Lars Bastholm

Lars Bastholm is global CCO (Chief Creative Officer) at Google The Zoo, a creative think tank for agencies, bureau’s and brands. Lars is one of the most highly awarded and internationally renowned creative leaders in the advertising industry. He has been global CCO at world-leading agencies such as Rosetta, Cheil, Ogilvy and AKQA working digitally with the biggest brands in the world. Lars has led creative peers and processes globally for the past two decades.


The curriculum of the 7 weeks are as follows:


How to connect technically, personally and emotionally on an equal level. How to use collaborative software systems of the future. How to conduct yourself online. How to become a strong learning team and support each other during the program.


How to enter the learning zone as a leader and as a team: Taking roles and responsibilities, being accountable and meeting deadlines in order to learn and improve. How to always ask for feedback.


How to lead work in collaborative groups and teams across distance in space and time. Sharing and communicating with equality and openness. Creating trust, common language and common standards.


Setting direction and inspiring action by communicating and presenting leadership messages with authenticity and openness moving the focus away from the leader and onto the team.


Briefing and empowering others by setting few great goals, creating both autonomy and alignment in order to secure execution and accountability. Using authority to get results in the right manner to be able to maintain both trust and openness.


Assessing, de- and backbriefing the aims and effects of your efforts for performance and improvement. Assessing outcomes collaboratively through peer review. Adjusting goals and plans accordingly.


Putting it all together and achieving outstanding results. Planning for continuous improvement and ongoing learning. Exams.


In the Program you Learn through Involvement. This means:

  • 100% Online and Social.
  • We are developing, working with hands-on digital leadership methods.
  • Case material is your own situation.
  • You will join a dedicated Learning Team engaged in constant Collaboration and Feedback.
  • We use an Active Learning Approach and Platform in a ‘Flipped Classroom’ style. This means reading and watching lectures is done on your own time. Meetings are reserved for practicing and discussing leadership together.
  • You will be writing, blogging, recording and discussing content with 3 weekly deadlines.
  • Each weekly live meeting is joined by a world class expert in a related field for an informal Dialogue.
  • The Program Examination is by Peer Assessment


Please observe the following practical aspects of the Program:

    • Duration is 7 weeks
    • There are 7 online sessions of 2 hours each. These are fixed at each Tuesday at 7.00-9.00 pm SST (Singapore Standard Time)
    • Between sessions you should plan for online discussions and work of about 2 hours/week. These you can do as it suits your own schedule
    • You are expected to practise and share what you learn in your own management
    •  This totals 14 hours face-time with the instructor and team and 14 hours of online work

Fonden for International Management Education (IME) is a Danish non-for-profit educational fund founded in 1994. Based in Copenhagen IME offers the international executive MBA degree from Henley Business School as well as an IME Mini-MBA certificate and executive courses.